The Forecast ahead

November’s rainfalls arrive to wash away the memory left of Autumn.
A field of golden blaze trees withers into bear limbs.
The crisp air turns to bitter frost, as the rain turns to snow.

rebeca perez




recall, reminisce

of overcoming all

the sorrowful pits of


rebeca perez

"I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago."

{Psalm 77:11}



in this new season, she is sowing

seeds of love into her garden

tending to the roots of unforgiveness

snaring the core of her heart

pruning the dead leaves weighing down her soul,

cultivating the soil for a fresh harvest


The Antidote

sifting through a

line of emotions

as they spiral in

different directions

I brace my heart

to not embrace the

lies that torment

and corrupt my mind

prayer becomes my

only support system

where my mental symptoms

dissolve with scriptures

God's truth reminds me

that fear and anxiety

has no power to control

or take hold of my existence

the white noise evaporates

my mind at ease in His presence

a crashing wave of grace covers me

His breath of life restores my spirit

rebeca perez