The Healer Of A Broken Heart

she has a soft heart

for those who cry silently,

those who try to hide

their pain or wish

to fade away,

her sensitivity from

her own somberness

reveals the signs

of a crushed spirit

longing for some

type of hope

in her own pit

of darkness she

found a sanctuary

in the arms of

God's love,

in awe of His

desire to restore

joy back in

her heart,

she pours

all her weaknesses

holding nothing back

presenting her brokenness

into His throne of grace,

allowing Him to solace

what torment she faces

there in His presence

she found healing

to let go of what

corrupts her thoughts

she found strength

to try again with

no restriction

to walk in love

and share with others

of all, He has done

- Rebeca Perez -