Adapting To Change

Winter has taught me what it truly means to rest.  Not only physically but spiritually.  I have learned lessons in regards to my personal and creative life.  It was in these moments God revealed some things that needed to change. 

One of the things I hope to develop is new habits.  I tend to procrastinate.  In this new season, one of my goals is to be consistent.  There is something about Spring and everything coming back to life that inspires you to want to create.

This recent poetic piece below reflects my life.  Learning to adapt to change.  I am finding beauty in the many places around me.  One of my favorite places is the public library.  There is wisdom in the books on the shelf.  

inspiration comes in many forms,
as simple as the light reflecting
from large windows,
to the words and images
that jump from the many
pages of books placed
on these shelves,
to the beauty of growth
seen as the tree's buds
make their appearance
to the world,
what a beautiful place
we live in when we
focus not on what
life pertains to be,
but instead, focus our
eyes on the beauty that
God has placed before us

Thank you to everyone who stuck with me.  
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